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Featured Product: Organic Horn Stripe Tunnels

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Organic Horn Stripe Tunnels - from £6.89

  Organic Horn Stripe Tunnels @ Piercing Pirate

 Organic Horn Stripe Tunnels – from £6.89

We love these little beauties. Made from organic horn they are great to wear if  you’re worried about that oh so feared cheesy smell that is associated with  stretched lobe piercings, and they look fab too!

The bone inlay gives the tunnel that striking stripe in the centre and they feel  all lovely and smooth to the touch.

The great thing about organic body jewellery is that every piece is truly unique,  due to the natural textures of materials such as horn, bone or wood. Although we recommend you wear them in healed piercings, they can help to reduce irritation later on if your lobe piercing flares up. This is because the material is especially porous and allows the piercing  to ‘breathe’.

These are currently available in four popular sizes, 6.5mm (2g), 10mm (00g),  12mm (1/2″),  14mm (9/16″). So grab a pair today and show off your lobe piercing to your friends!



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