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Advice: Body Piercing Healing Times

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Thinking of getting a new piercing but not sure how long you’ll have to put up with the pesky healing process? Below is a list of approximate healing times for different places around the body.

man being pierced

A guy bracing for a new tongue piercing – be brave!

Earlobe – 6 to 8 weeks
Ear Cartilage – 2 to 12 months
Eyebrow – 6 to 8 weeks
Belly/Navel – 4 months to 1 year
Tongue – 1 to 2 months
Nose – 3 to 4 months
Nipple – 4 months to 1 year
Lip – 2 to 3 months
Monroe – 2 to 3 months
Cheek – 4 to 5 months
Bridge – 8 to 10 weeks
Septum – 6 to 8 weeks
Female genitalia – 4 to 10 weeks
Male genitalia – 4 weeks to 6 months

These healing times can obviously vary considerably from person to person. Just give it time to heal properly before trying to change your jewellery, it’s better to be safe than have a flare up or infection to deal with!


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