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Featured Piercing: Gemma’s Stretched Ear Lobes

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Name: Gemma Hawkins M.A.
Profession: International website support at Lush
Location: Parkstone, UK

gemma earQ. When did you decide to get this piercing?

A. I had my ears pierced when I was nine but never wore any jewellery in them really. But when I was around about 16 or 17 I started to stretch my ears. It took me about a year to stretch up to 20mm, and then when I was 25 I started stretching again, up to a 28mm. But now I float between 24 and 26mm.

Q. What motivated you to get it done?

A. When I was around about 15 my brother started to stretch his ears and I thought it looked amazing so I copied him!

Q. Where did you get pierced?

A. I had my ears pierced in a little place down Poole Quay called Doctor Feel Good’s. But got all of my stretching stuff from Paradox down Old Christchurch Road in Bournemouth.

Q. Were there any problems with healing afterwards?

A. Initially no. But when I started stretching I went too quickly and blew out one ear at about 6mm. It’s never been the same since and struggled with being stretched all the way up to 28mm. So I can’t stress enough how important it is to stretch your ears slowly! Once the damage is done there’s no going back.

Q. What kind of jewellery do you like to wear in it?

A. I like natural pieces, so wood, bone, ceramics, or glass. No funk!

Q. Any regrets?

A. Only that I went too fast and ruined one ear, which meant that when I got to 28mm the ear was very fragile and I couldn’t go any bigger. In fact I had to downsize slightly.

Q. Would you get another piercing? If so, where?

A. I’d like some more cartilage piercings and I would also like my micro dermal redone on my neck as it fell out after a year!

Thanks Gemma! We think your tunnels look fantastic!


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