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Advice – Piercing Materials: Bioplast/Bioflex

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A glittery bioplast curved barbell.

Bioplast is a bio-compatible, flexible material that can be cut to any length, is self threading and can even help reduce swelling and infection. The material is becoming more and more popular in the piercing industry, popping up from more manufacturers every day. It’s a great alternative to metallic body jewellery (Surgical Steel and Titanium) and it’s extremely light weight and therefore does not pull on a piercing.

It’s very popular for naval piercings, as the Bioplast can be heated to 121 degrees Celcius, killing any bacteria and ensuring the jewellery is clean and safe to wear.

Bioplast is also less likely to be rejected by the body in surface piercings such as eyebrow and naval, reducing the risk of infection and irregular healing.

Bioflex is similar in composition to Bioplast, developed in the UK and tested and certified for use in body piercings. There are differences in how Bioflex and Bioplast jewellery looks, for example the discs of a Bioplast labret are thicker than that of a Bioflex labret, however the benefits remain the same.

I personally switched to Bioplast when all other jewellery caused my belly piercing to become irritated, within days it had cooled down and completely settled into the material so I would definitely recommend this type of jewellery!


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