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Advice: Piercing Measuring Guide

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Are you thinking of buying new body jewellery but are unsure of what size to buy and how to find out? Below is a guide that will help you measure your jewellery at home.
The gauge of the jewellery is the thickness, the diameter is the width across, the length is how long the bar of the jewellery is and the ball size is how large the ball is.

size ref

Measuring your piece of body jewellery is very important, as using a piece that is too large can tug at your piercing and cause irritation and swelling, while a piece of jewellery too small can have a similar result. To make sure you are purchasing the right size, use this guide and a measuring device, such as a ruler or a measuring caliper, to get that perfect fit!


Vernier Caliper used to measure piercing jewellery.

If you are still unsure how to measure your piercing, as it can be quite a fumbling and awkward task, most reputable piercing studios will be more than happy to check for you with a professional vernier measuring caliper. (See image on the left!)

Last but not least, make sure your hands are clean when touching your piercing and the area around it! This is always important as it will reduce the risk of infection and irritation when handling your piercing jewellery.


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